The Macpodz
The Macpodz One of the nation's great eccentric cities can fill its fanatical void with a young band called the Macpodz. A long time coming for sure, Ann Arbor finally has is first great jamband; a guitar-less five piece comprised of brilliant musicians who via bass (Brennan Andes), keys (Jesse Clayton), trumpet (Ross Huff), drums (Griffin Bastian), and percussion/ flute/ vox (Nick Ayers) muster up some of the most energetic music on the scene today. The Macpodz impress as only an open-minded band can, taking the core of genuine american music and tossing in tasteful touches of world grooves that rouse and comfort all at once.

The Macpodz wooed festival audiences at Rothbury, Bear Creek, Summer Camp, All Good, Moe.Down and Gathering of the Vibes. Building momentum in 2011, plans include the release of new recordings, a 3-D music video, tour stops in Colorado and California, and sets at several highly anticipated festivals, including the Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI.