Mahjongg As a collective, Mahjongg believe that the body of human knowledge is our most prized asset, and that the harmonic proportions of music are universal in other fields of endeavor. They are fighting for the power of science. Many are against science, but Mahjongg believe in the power of Humanity, and influence people to dance, to make love energy, to love each other and care for each other. They creatively forge the primal forces they've derived from other cultures to curtail our self-destructive tendencies and spawn a soundtrack for a new community.

Mahjongg began in Columbia, Mo., which many consider a small, isolated place. Through the communication revolution that has transformed our culture in the past generation, this isolation gave Mahjongg the advantage of encapsulating their community spirit, as cogently summed up on Kontpab. Mahjongg get real and Kontpab keeps you elevated, raking across several strata of dance floor enchantment to sustain the listener in a cocoon of measured propulsion; "listener" transformed by empirical data into a "believer". Hard facts, hard rhythms.

"Mahjongg's sound achieves such a high level of eclectic density, it seems impossible for such a body of sound to be humanly recorded on one-inch tape. Raydoncong 2005 does not paint a picture of two guitarists, a bassist, a keyboard player, and a percussionist casually performing in the studio. Instead, it gives insight into a collection of artists who among either 1,000 or 100,000 people may soon be regarded as legends. In describing their brilliant, controlled bombast, 1980's Talking Heads are the easiest reference point, as tribal polyrhythm backs dense instrumental montages that occasionally include jittery, treble-happy, David Byrne guitar work. But to cast Mahjongg off as another American band heavily influenced by1977-1982 would serve as a great injustice. Raydoncong displays purpose, musical know-how, and production prowess seldom seen in modern music." Stylus magazine