The Black Heart Procession
The Black Heart Procession Over their ten year and five album career, The Black Heart Procession have acquired the status of being one of underground music's darkest cult phenomenon, and this sentiment is all the more confirmed with their stunning sixth release.

Six is The Black Heart Procession's first album to be written and recorded simultaneously with a new album by Three Mile Pilot, the band that originally spawned Pinback and The Black Heart Procession. As both Three Mile Pilot and The Black Heart Procession now coexist for the first time ever, founding members, Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel, have steered The Black Heart Procession into a darker, more adventurous direction, with an increased focus on rhythm and a more wildly eclectic instrumental palette. Produced and recorded by the band over the past couple years, Six is, without a doubt, the group's most emotionally resonant album in years. Brimming with pitch-black ballads of discarded loves and forgotten souls, the album paints a bleak yet strangely comforting portrait of heartbreak, self-destruction and religious allegory over some of their most inspired songs to date, drawing a clear line from here to soul-stirring visionaries such as Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash and Tom Waits.

The Black Heart Procession mainstays, Pall Jenkins on vocals and guitar and Tobias Nathaniel on piano and guitar, will be joined by Matt Resovich (BHP, Rafter, The Album Leaf) on violin, Jovi Butts (Mr. Tube and The Flying Objects) on bass and Jason Hooper (Goodbye Blue Monday) on drums. The five-piece band will perform songs off of Six, plus many selections from The Black Heart Procession's back catalogue,

Additionally, Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel have created a new video for "Witching Stone" off of the new album! Pall and Tobias directed, filmed, edited and star in the video.