Battery (Metallica Tribute)
Battery (Metallica Tribute) "BATTERY" - The World Famous Tribute to Metallica opened 5 shows for Metallica on the GARAGE INC. TOUR. "BATTERY" opened playing all Metallica originals, while Metallica played all covers from the GARAGE INC. album. Laurence the drummer from Sydney, Nova Scotia lives in the Chicago-land area & is the founding member of the band, along with bassist Phil M from Montreal. This rhythm section has been the foundation of "BATTERY" since the start.

Jay the lead guitarist is from Cortland, OH but now lives in Toledo, Ohio. He has been with the band since the summer of 2000. He has played in many original bands with his longest stint being with BATTERY. He is also known by is nickname " REN " from Ren and Stimpy cartoons. You can listen to his originals, and contact him to purchase a CD at!/jayshrodek

Kenneth Becker the singer/guitarist is the newest member of Battery. He has stepped in to replace George as Battery's new frontman as of June of 2011. He is from Chicago, IL where he played in a Metallica/Megadeth tribute band called Mega Militia.

George the old singer/guitarist is from the Cleveland, Ohio area and has played in many bands including "Degameth", a Megadeth tribute band, as the Dave Mustaine. He also is an established solo acoustic artist. He came to the band in June of 2009. You can also find him at George is taking a break from the road as his second child is about to be born in July. We wish him luck.