Rhino Bucket
Rhino Bucket Back with their first studio album in 12 years, Rhino Bucket tips its hat to the boogie, rock roots of Bon Scott-era AC/DC with ragged vocals, pounding riffs and grooving back beats that proves them to be a vibrant and vital rock band at the top of their game. Recorded at Sound Face Studios in Hollywood and produced by Stefen Sigerson, And Then It Got Ugly is every bit as cookin as their past efforts. One listen to tracks like Hammer & Nail, Invisible, and Monkey Boy Highway, and youll realize Rhino Bucket are back and stronger than ever. Ive always said this band is white-boy suburban folk music. If you are rolling on the streets of the suburbs doing stupid stuff cause youre bored, aggressive and half-drunk all the time, this is the soundtrack to your life, exclaims lead singer Georg Dolivo. Signed to Warner Bros. in 1990, Rhino Buckets self-titled debut yielded two singles One Night Stand and Blood on the Cross, which heaved them to the Billboard Top 40 singles chart and made them regulars on MTVs Headbangers Ball. Tours with the likes of The Black Crowes, Angel City, Junkyard, and Debbie Harry ensued. Get Used to It, 1992s follow up, was recorded by legendary producer Terry Manning (Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top) and spawned the single Ride with Yourself, which landed on the soundtrack to the blockbuster film Waynes World. Warner Bros. had a lot of Sunset Strip type bands at the time, but werent actively pursing street rock bands, Dolivo remembers. There were a certain percentage of people in the company that knew they needed some rock n roll credibility and should sign some real rock bands. It was a great idea, but they really didnt know how to market that kind of music. We kept hearing, Wheres the ballad? At the end of the day, they just didnt know what to do with us. However, drama unfolded when drummer Liam Jason abruptly left the group for personal reasons. Never ones to falter, the band replaced him with former AC/DC drummer Simon Wright, who remained with the band through the recording and touring of the bands third album, 1994s Pain. The band toured relentlessly until they called it quits due to lack of label support. Never ones to say die, after a long hiatus a one-off sold-out reunion gig in 2000 inspired Georg and Reeve to reform the band. Rock n roll is like a disease, laughs Dolivo, once youve got it youre stuck with it. Ive tried blues and country and all sorts of different styles, but I always come back to the rock. Maybe Im just a one trick pony, but I really like the trick I know. Armed with stunning six-stringer Brian Forsythe (formerly of Baltimore hit-makers KIX), they gave Liam a call to get their backbeat back and made a surprising discovery: Liam had transformed into Jackie Enx by way of sexual reassignment surgery. Ive known Jackie for the better part of my life. At first, it was a little strange but a friend is the person inside, not the person you see on the outside. Also, she seems happier now than ever before, says Dolivo, Breaking down the barriers is what were doing here and its about time. The band hit the L.A. clubs and found their reputation had grown substantially. They stormed the scene, gained the attention of hip indie label Acetate Records, and started to buckle down to pen some new tunes. We were asked to write some music for the movie Rolling Kansas, recalls Forsythe of their first soundtrack endeavor together [more followed, including the flicks Stateside, The Outdoorsmen and TVs The Handler], and the more music we made together, it just felt right. Georg has an idea and starts playing some lick, Jackie will join in, an idea is born and we all jump in on it. Its this chemistry thing. That chemistry is all over their latest release, from the explosive riffs, to the soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. And Then It Got Ugly is the much needed shot of classic Rock n Roll that the music scene desperately craves, and one that will have both new and old fans fiending for more.