Rogue Sound
Rogue Sound Rogue Sound in its purest form is a reggae-fusion power trio, with roots in hip-hop, rock, and jazz. Their bilingual lyrics and easy-going vibe seamlessly cross cultures and genres while mixing musicianship with simplicity in a positive party atmosphere. The Band is often joined by Guest MC’s, DJ’s, Keyboards, and Brass, all of which provide infinite musical possibilities, from holding down a funk or reggae groove to exploring the fullest potential of an out-of-this-world atonal space jam. Rogue Sound has evolved through multiple entities and has been performing around Colorado since mid 2000 in some of the areas coolest venues and theatres. New bassist Otis Lande joined original members, Drummer Matt Smart and Guitarist Mingus Fine in early 2008. Otis has quickly become an integral part in the foundation of Rogue Sound. Nicholas Odell, and Andrew Mcnew often appear with Rogue Sound and each contribute their own interesting style and flavor to this already unique and spirited trio. The new group is eager to expand their horizons and continue to play new music in new venues across the universe. For more information or to book Rogue Sound in your area please send an e-mail to or go see them live and say “Hey”.

ROGUE: noun. 1. One who is innocently mischievous or playful… 2. In biology, a variation from a standard.

SOUND: adj. 1. Founded in truth; right; substantial; valid…2. Solid; stable; firm; safe; hence trustworthy.