JD & The Straight Shot
JD & The Straight Shot Bands are formed for a multitude of reasons. Some seek fame. Some seek fortune. Many to try to capture a slice of both. A few form for reasons of musical expression or exploration - far too few, in fact. A brief peek into this band and its history will undoubtedly yield a unique and intriguing story. The impetus for joining their collaborative talents is one you won't see everyday, too.

When Jim "JD" Dolan decided to form this band, it was at a time in his life that, unlike most, the motivation for either fame or fortune had been extricated. They were commodities that he already owned. His passion for music and the connection he had felt to it from his youth however remained pure. Music was his motivation and so he did something about it. He formed JD and the Straight Shot and went to work. This eclectic aggregate of individuals, each member having his own unique musical background, lifestyle and history, were fortunate enough to meet and shake hands with each other at a musical crossroad which married their diversity with the music that they mutually shared.

Without pigeonholing their sound, their musical identity has been forged from the predominantly blues-based influences of bands like Little Feat, The Allman Brothers, The Band, as well as other artists that walk in that genre. Although these influences can be heard, JD and the Straight Shot infuse certain elements of soul music and employ vocal harmonies to fashion their own sound. Whereas they will definitely pay homage to their influences from the past, they have a more contemporary approach to the blues, which will undoubtedly make their music accessible to any younger audience that has a respect for that genre.

JD and the Straight Shot are quickly establishing themselves on the music scene by winning over fans while opening for acts like Johnny Winter and The Marshall Tucker Band. They are excited to announce the release of their first CD, Nothing To Hide. Please stay tuned for an official release date and please... join our mailing list for information on upcoming shows and news.