The Dynamites
The Dynamites The Dynamites & Charles Walker, having cast their lot in 2008 with the head-spinning "Kaboom!" and in 2010 with the powerful "Burn It Down," are now set to embark on Round 3 of their unfolding story with their most ambitious set to date, "Love Is Only Everything."

Since their last release, The Dynamites & Charles Walker have spent two years in a furor of worldwide touring. Four tours of Europe, three of Australia, and virtually every weekend stateside spent "gettin' up in the morning and making the world a funkier place," to quote their nightly show-opening monologue mantra, account for their soul-sending whereabouts since the release of "Burn It Down." Along the way, through the hard forge of touring and a healthy evolution, The Dynamites has grown from a neck-jerking, backbone-slipping high octane funk/soul freight train to a well-rounded soul machine playing to its front man's greatest strengths. (p.s.-with plenty of high octane backbone-slipping still present, don't worry)