Ahleuchatistas Ahleuchatistas is an all-instrumental guitar/bass/drums trio whose music *resides at the meteoric end of the tempo scale.* [Splendid]. Favoring a clean, stripped-down sound and a delivery devoid of pretension, the trio plays short, compressed and complex polyrhythmic compositions with an unrelenting speed and unrestrained joy. Numerous critics have praised their music as *controlled chaos* and indeed, the trio creates a premeditated massacre of sound, volcanic in its power. _Splendid_ called Ahleuchatistas’ music a *vehement force of nature,* *spiritually overseen by the likes of Robert Fripp, Damon Che and John Zorn.* and *recalling the restless avant-punk zeal of End Hits-era Fugazi and the pulsingly organic hyperactivity of early King Crimson.* Its music has also been compared with Ruins, Massacre (Laswell/ Frith/ Hayward), Lightening Bolt, Dysrythmia, Don Caballero, Hella, Sonna, and Shellac, and variously defined as math-rock, speed-rock, avant-punk, and avant progressive. Compared with other bands, however, critics noted that Ahleuchatistas is unique for *its sense of musical sophistication, that far surpasses the results when stock-in-trade math rockers try the same tricks.* As another webzine with its pulse on the new proclaimed, “Ahleuchatistas could be the next big thing.”[indieville.com]

The band has just released it’s first CD on Cuneiform Records. Called _What You Will_. It is the Ahleuchatistas' 3rd CD and its 1st release on Cuneiform. It contains 41 min. of studio recordings, featuring 14 high-powered songs under 5 min. each. Each of the songs is a high-powered, exquisitely complex gem, as condensed and powerful as a hand grenade. What You Will also contains 3 QuickTime video clips, recorded live at a May 26, 2005 concert in Ashville, that illustrate the trio’s intense live performances. Tightly-written, complex compositions are executed with ease and joyous abandon. The music is dynamic, simultaneously frenetic and dissonant yet surprisingly lyrical and fluid. Whether one calls this music post-punk, math-rock, avant-progressive, or speed-rock is irrelevant: the band maintains that you can call its music *what you will*; classifications and categories do not matter – what matters is what you create in this world.

But even more than their recordings, it is the band’s live shows that have brought them acclaim. as Punk International said: An Ahleuchatistas performance can be likened to a fireworks display: it’s flashy, colorful, and every thirty seconds or so you’ll find yourself with your mouth wide open, mumbling “whoooooooa”. Don’t miss the Ahleuchatistas on this tour!!!

The Ahleuchatistas are:
Sean Dail - Drummer
Shane Perlowin - Guitar
Derek Poteat – Bass