The New Rascals
The New Rascals Some of the New Rascals songs include "People Got To Be Free, and Groovin' and Good Lovin'. The band features Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Dino Danelli on drums and Gene Cornish, guitarist and original founding member of the Rascals (a.k.a. the Young Rascals) "Paragons of blue-eyed soul—that is, soul and R&B music by white performers. Other well-known purveyors include the Righteous Brothers, Steve Winwood, Van Morrison and Joe Cocker. However, no one among them had more commercial clout in the Sixties than the Rascals." Rock and Roll Hall of Fame The band also includes former Vanilla Fudge B-3 organist & lead singer Bill Pascali and original Tom Petty bassist Charlie Souza.

Sixties Hit-Makers Young Rascals Carry on as the New Rascals

"The Young Rascals were one of the most productive good time bands of the late '60s and early '70s. Car radios across the nation tuned into a stream of hits like Good Love, Groovin' (on a Sunday Afternoon), and many more. The band was co-founded by Gene Cornish, with mentoring by Joey D (with the Starlighters). The band has many gold records and platinum albums. The band continues to enjoy popularity from the marketing world, as advertisers have found that adding a Rascals song to a commercial enhances a product's appeal. And since the royalties keep streaming in, this band would never have to work again, if they rested on their laurels.

Once you have made it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, your fans will never let you down. And if you have sold your soul for rock and roll, you can never let your fans down. Gene Cornish, along with Drummer Dino Danelli, continue to tour as the The New Rascals. These two founders have added Bill Pasceli and Charlie Souza to round out the foursome and faithfully re-create the Rascals sound. Bill spent a few years with the Vanilla Fudge and Charlie laid down the Bass with Tom Petty's original Band.

I recently caught the band performing in Largo, Florida on a warm-up performance for their national tour, the band rocks. The performance was not promoted, and so the fans who showed up could hardly believe that this really was the Young Rascals, and not some plastic cover band. The set included - I've been Lonely to Long, Mustang Sally, Midnight Hour, You'd Better Run, A Girl Like You, and others. Guitarist Gene Cornish was all too willing to share love with his audience which gave the concert the feel of a high school reunion among life-long friends. In the audience, was fellow Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Joey D, who started off as Gene's first boss in the music business. A fan in his sixties showed up wearing a Rascals tee shirt that he has cherished since the 1989 national tour. A husband and wife brought their 1970 vintage record album to be autographed by band members. Grandmothers and granddaughters danced together in the aisles. Groovin'? You betcha."