Steve Howe
Steve Howe For nearly 40 years, Steve Howe has been at the forefront of rock music as a model and inspiration for other guitarists and musicians. He is one of the most expressive and defining guitar players ever, having complimented his integral role in bands such as Yes, Asia, and GTR with the release of 15 solo albums. In addition to being a guitarist and songwriter, Howe has learned, mastered, and recorded with countless other instruments across his career – including many guest appearances on other records.

While Steve is perhaps best known for his work in the progressive rock band Yes, he has found the freedom to explore his own personal musical journeys in his solo career, which was most recently updated with the release of Spectrum in 2005. On this album, Howe goes beyond the boundaries of progressive rock and explores a somewhat quieter side than in previous work.

”I like to explore some really different sounds on each album,” says Howe. “This time I included moods from remote countries on several parts of the album. ‘Band of Light’ is a good example of that. For me, this song seemed to require a very specific feeling and this is what came out of that. I have tried to capture to the greatest extent possible, different styles from around me and bring them into a format which fits with my guitar instrumentals.”

As a testament to his still unwavering passion for both his music and his fans, Steve will embark on a brand new solo tour in 2006. The Under-Current tour will allow the celebrated guitarist to present a broad selection of his material in an acoustic setting (hence the title, being under the radar of Steve’s work in Yes and Asia). Besides connecting with fans throughout the United States, the tour will find its way across the ocean to continue with several dates in Europe.

One of the world’s premier rock musicians has once again decided to share his gift with the world, live and in person – and each night promises to be an incredible showcase of a career spent perfecting and pioneering the art of music.