Soul Position (RJD2/Blueprint)
Soul Position (RJD2/Blueprint) (Rhymesayers) Critically acclaimed often means commercially overlooked. Soul Position may not be able to shake that trend on Things Go Better With Rj And Al, but they certainly won't disappoint the underground fan base they gained on 8 Million Stories. Ever the versatile producer, RJ (as in D2) flips a brassy, sassy funk on "Hand-Me-Downs" while Blueprint rails against black stereotypes: "Rap nowadays is by a bunch of ignorant cats/no young gifted and black, just guns, bitches and crack/I react by turning off BET." Maybe now Robert L. Johnson can find a new source for his ire other than Aaron McGruder. You can recommend any track on this release to friends without fear, but the creativity of "I Need My Minutes," the horny horn jam "Keys" and the education but not didactic "Cool Thing to Do" stand out. The mainstream may sleep on RJ and AL, but you don't have to make the same mistake. Steve "Flash" Juon