The Rhythm Devils
The Rhythm Devils The Rhythm Devils featuring Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Mike Gordon, and Steve Kimock came together on a whimisical spring evening at a Pre-Jammy's get together in the heart of downtown New York City. After performing at The Jammys & in front of Grand Central Station on Earth Day in 2006, the core of Hart, Kreutzmann, Gordon, and Kimock re-connected this past August for a series of shows including The Gathering of the Vibes Festival. They debuted new material with lyrics by Robert Hunter including Fountains of Wood, The Center, and Who Do You Think You Are, as well as select choices from the Grateful Dead songbook such as, The Other One and Sugaree. Hart & Kreutzmann's remarkable cohesion, synchronicity, and driving power would a become a hallmark of the Grateful Dead's sound for over thirty years, earning them the nickname The Rhythm Devils.

The percussive duo's sole release was The ‘Apocalypse Now Sessions’ for which they were recruited by director Francis Ford Coppola to bring together the myriad sounds and "colors" for the legendary film. Coppola was in the process of conceptualizing his musical underpinnings of "Apocalypse Now" when he attended a Grateful Dead concert and found the perfect accompaniment for his cinematic vision of the Apocalypse.

Both have kept busy over the years participating in numerous projects from the Grammy winning percussive supergroup Planet Drum which brought Mickey together with Zakir Hussain and many of the world’s best drummers, to the power trio SerialPod in which Kreutzmann collaborated with Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon of Phish.