Holden Young Trio (HY3)
Holden Young Trio (HY3) The Holden Young Trio of Boulder, Colorado is defining a new way to experience the sound of the power-trio.

"With just guitar, bass and drums there is a certain flexibility that allows us to change songs on the fly every night and for each of our instruments to shine throughout the tunes" says Holden of the reason for the trio setup. And it seems to be working....

Since beginning the Holden Young Trio project in 2006 in Colorado, Holden has performed with the Disco Biscuits, JJ Grey & Mofro, the Motet, Outformation, Chris Littlefield (Karl Denson's Tiny Universe), and such local/regional acts such as Yamn, Jubal, DVS, Juno What?!, Moo-Got 2, Equaleyes, and more. Their unique blend of funk, rock and a hint of world music has them playing to audiences of all ages from the song world to the jam scene. Referring to Fela Kuti, Thievery Corporation, and the Chili Peppers in the same sentence Holden tries to explain their sound with words, "Funky. No. Scratch that. Really funky."

Rounding out the trio is an ever-changing cast of characters from Colorado and beyond. Billy Franklin and Eric Rolls being the original line-up, Holden has also hosted a wide range of other players in the trio. Keeping the band going is his main motivation and the result is a group that has travelled to Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Idaho, Oregon,Washington and California on the grassroots music circuit. It also helps to create a community around the trio that brings friends and musicians together from all kinds of places and backgrounds.

"Holden's a very positive person and (as the hype keeps growing) he gets people excited and involved in the music any way he can. We create an open atmosphere where the idea is to become part of the dance party." -Ryan Decker (former drummer of HY3)


"These three players have grown tight from consistent touring through the West and Northwest....you’re likely to hear the grooves of James Brown, John McLaughlin and extended improvisations of the contemporary jam scene, reminding me of The Disco Biscuits with less synth electronica. " - Aaron Davis, Jackson Hole Planet (Jun 10, 2009)

"These guys play from their heart and remind me of a little trio I started back in the day that became Creedance Clearwater Revival." - Doug "Cosmo" Clifford (drummer of CCR), (in person) (Apr 30, 2009)

"A quick listen to a few songs by the Colorado-based Holden Young Trio might have you scratching your head. Is it funk, folk, rock or reggae? But if the urge to pin the group’s sound down gets to you, you might take a cue from one of its song titles: "Don’t Think Too Much."" - Emily Donahue, Independent Record (Sep 18, 2008)