Oz Noy
Oz Noy Oz Noy was born Israel and became one of the most famous guitar players in the country by the time he was 16. He dabbled in all kinds of music from jazz to rock finding that he was good at anything he tried. His broad tastes in music and obvious musical abilities combined to create a style all his own. As Oz grew up in the Israeli music scene, he found himself playing on many of Israel’s top musicians’ records as a studio guitarist. By the age of 24, he was playing in the house band of Israel’s equivalent of the Letterman Show. He stayed on there for two years until he decided to move to New York City in 1996.

Oz is one of the most celebrated studio guitarists in the United States. He’s performed, recorded and toured with numerous artists such as Richard Bona, Chris Botti, Mike Clark, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Harry Belafonte, Toni Braxton, Phoebe Snow, Gavin Degraw, Nile Rogers and Roger Glover.

Oz has played on numerous commercials and movie soundtracks like 'Auto Focus' and 'Undefeated' (HBO) with Angelo Badalamenti; 'Queer as Folk' (HBO), ‘The Drug Years’ (VH1) and recently wrote the sound track for the highly acclaimed documentary ‘A/K/A Tommy Chong.’

Oz Noy's solo album, "Ha!" features drummers Anton Fig, Keith Carlock, and bassists Will Lee and James Genus as well as guest guitarist Mike Stern and keyboardist George Whitty.

Name-dropping aside, Oz is recognized by fellow musicians as an amazing guitar player. By simply looking at the roster of musicians that Oz has played with one can see the level of talent that Oz possesses. His previous releases on Magna Carta Records HA! and Oz Live were met with praise from audiences and critics across the globe. If, by chance, you haven’t had a chance to check him out yet, then his new album Fuzzy will be the first step in your musical education.

Fuzzy takes Oz’s talent to the next level. His playing, coupled with a vast knowledge of how to exploit the wonders of technology, is astounding. He is able to create sounds and musical textures that would be impossible under normal circumstances. This record is reminiscent of the visionary talent shared by such artists as Jimi Hendrix and contemporary players like Tom Morello.

Fuzzy offers listeners a chance to experience something intriguing. It has a familiar, yet original sound to it. The emotional dynamic is phenomenal creating an intense energy that will challenge the listener. Fuzzy is a record that won’t allow you to assign any genre. It is an art unto itself.