The WMD's
The WMD's The WMDs seamlessly fuse a timeless songwriting style with a modern rock sound, delivering their music with energy, emotion and honesty. Formed in 2004, the band consists of 4 twenty-something guys who all contribute to the sound of the group. Brian Bauers fronts the band with his melodic vocals & acoustic guitar and bass. Lead guitar duties are handled by Jaime Sturm, while multi-instrumentalist Jed Fort adds texture to each track. The lineup is completed by the talented Paul Amorese on drums.

The band has an impressive resume, with each member having spent over 8 years performing in New York City in a variety of successful bands and solo projects. Their credits also include professional work such as production, song-writing and session playing for clients such as Jojo, Gavin Degraw, Nike, AOL, and BMW. Band members aren't unfamiliar with the big stage either, having collectively opened for acts like The Donnas, John Mayer, Vanilla Ice, Blue and Juvenile.

Together, The WMDs have created a sound that is rapidly blossoming in NYC's Lower East Side. They have been busy; aggressively building their fan base grass-roots style. The band realizes that its success is dependent upon the members' ability to connect to fans, and the fans have responded to their dedication.