Archer Prewitt
Archer Prewitt Archer Prewitt, guitarist for the Sea and Cake and formerly of the Coctails, has released three albums and an EP under his own name. Recorded in Chicago by Jeremy Lemos and Mark Greenberg at Semaphore Recordings and Mayfair, respectively, Wilderness is Prewitt's fourth full-length release. Most of the vocals were recorded at Prewitt's home and the album was mixed by Ken Sluiter. Prewitt's band consists of Mark Greenberg (bass, vibes, mellotron, stylophone, bells, piano, organ), Max Crawford (piano, mellotron, synthesizer, organ, trumpet) and Chris Manfrin (drums). Joining the core are special guests Susan Vøelz (violin), Fred Lonberg-Holm (cello), Richard Parenti (saxophone), Nick Broste (trombone) and Ken Champion (pedal steel). Prewitt's guitar work is integral to the sound of his other band, The Sea and Cake, as it is for his solo work. However, here on his own, Prewitt manages to find an entirely different tone and timbre.