Joules Graves
Joules Graves Joules Graves was born on the move! She was born in Missouri, then was an ‘army brat’ in Europe, and then went to school in the Chicago area. At age 18 she hitchhiked across the country (NOT RECOMMENDED!), eventually to set her roots in the Northwest. She called Washington state her home for 12 years.

It was there, in Washington, that Joules began singing. It started with “Peaceworks Park,” a 6 month encampment protesting the Gulf War in a Seattle park. A friend gave her a drum and she sang for Peace. After the encampment ended, she was disillusioned by the activist concept of ‘fighting for peace,’ so then moved to an island community in the Puget Sound where she found a cabin in the woods for $25 a month. Living in that cabin without electricity, running water, car or telephone for 5 years, she delved deeper into her voice and songwriting. A friend gave her a guitar and she taught herself how to play in her own unique, rhythmic style.

Then people started asking her to play shows and off she went. From colleges to Earth-day celebrations to festivals and women's events, Joules found her love of performing and the joy of music that inspires people to sing and dance together. So, the touring bug got a hold of her. She says: “Once the road has got you, it won't let you go. It gets in your blood and you just have to go satiate the muse.” That she does.

In addition to her inspirational performances, Joules has also begun to offer a workshop entitled “Joining the chorus of Life!” which is about the importance of each person finding their own, unique voice and uniting in song. The response has been amazing, and people are singing!

The story continues to unfold. No matter what though, Joules will be singing for the celebration of Life and the unified prayer for Peace.