A Partial Freakout
A Partial Freakout A Partial Freakout emerged as a ectocentric jam session in a garage in Dallas, Texas during the winter of 2004. Being used as an escape, founding members Blair Mitchell, Bryant Goodall, Robbie Crist, and Clint Justice quickly began their long sought quest of being viable gigging musicians. After a year of songwriting, A Partial Freakout, then the Missing Peace, tried their hand an open mic at the legendary Club Dada. On December 4th 2005, APF rocked the stage, winning the open mic competition pretty handily. Since that show, A Partial Freakout has played over 55+ shows and counting. Opening for LARRY, Topaz, Groovin Ground, On the One, Catfish Whiskey, Graham Wilkinson and The Underground Township and Hurt Street, as well as headlining all over Texas, including Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, Lubbock, Nacogdoches and San Antonio. A Partial Freakout is currently growing, with a bigger, electrifying show. Featuring 8 members, A Partial Freakout is Bryant Goodall (guitar, vocals), Robbie Crist (lead guitar), Clint Justice (bass), Blair Mitchell (drums, vocals), Warren Barry (keyboards, vocals), Will Mostly (tamborinist, harmonica), Kyle Atkinson (percussion), Katie Ford (violin)