Downer's Grove
Downer's Grove In terms of jam-rock outfits, Downers Grove is a psychedelic powerhouse of sound that infuses hard-driven progressions, funky grooves, subatomic backbeats and screaming guitar leads to create a sound that is uniquely fresh and frighteningly dark. Mind-bending to say the least, the music of Downers Grove is raw and intense, and has earned them the reputation as a band that is a serious force to be reckoned with, merciless and yet always quick to make the kill.

With the schizophrenic guitar work of Jon Nietz, the wicked bass lines put down by Matt Seymour, the thundering power rhythms and powerful voice of Mark Kronberger and the maddening counter rhythms of percussionist Matt Houdek, Downers Grove is quickly becoming a staple act in the northern Midwest… and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down any time soon.

Having had a very successful festival season in the summer of 2007 and with many opportunities to perform with some of the premier acts in the country, Downers Grove is gaining attention both from musicians and music lovers alike from all age groups. They perform original music and are currently in the studio laying down tracks for their freshmen CD release which will hopefully be completed before year’s end. For more information or to book Downers Grove, contact Matt Houdek at or you can reach them through their myspace account.