Black-Eyed Susan
Black-Eyed Susan Black Eyed Susan is an up and coming band from the Charleston, SC music scene. This power trio, formed in January 2005, is composed of two brothers, Matthew and Adam Chase, and childhood friend, Aaron Levy, to create a genuine chemistry.

Their melodic identity is defined by its blend of soulful rock and funk, to create a sound much greater than its three players. Aaron's unique techniques on keyboard bass and organ/piano/synthesizer, along with Matthew's high flying rock, jazz and slide guitar approaches, are glued together by the tight, in-the-pocket beats of Adam on drums. The ability of BES to create its big sound is evident in both their recent studio recording, Songs From the Bottom, and in their live performances.

All three members have performed with other groups along the East Coast over the last few years, sharing stages with artists including Santana, Crosby Stills and Nash, Aerosmith, Derek Trucks, and OAR.