Logarhythm LOGARHYTHM’s eclectic sound has transformed out of Madison’s local jam rock community. Bands will come and go, but the music never stops!!!

Through the years the Mad City has humbly spawned and harbored a diverse talent pool of musicians that stack up amongst the world’s musical legends. Today, Logarhythm’s ensemble resembles their musical surroundings and continues to grow like moss on the stones that influence them.

...In 2005 Mad Town saw the passing of an era when local favorites Groovulous Glove, The Sugar & The Woods were playing some of their final shows. At a local Roots Music Festival boasting some of today’s finest Madison Musicians, Aaron Hanusa (The Sugar), Ryan Dohse (Groovulous Glove & Minglewood), Matthew Douglas (The Woods) were all in attendance.

They went on to become a part of Logarhythm. Michael Sherry, being the backbone of The Sugar, had a tight sound with Hanusa and it was only a matter of time before they expressing thier music together. The band to takes on such genres as Rock, Country, Blue Grass, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Blues and Hip-Hop.

ALL MEMBERS OF THE BAND ARE WRITERS! It’s the Log Way. Logarhythm has continued to compose and construct original music as a group, while still pulling from its many influences. The band enjoys playing songs that have influence them along the way during live performances!

It’s all about having a good time with their fans! The fun they have on stage is a reflection of their fans’ enthusiasm. In the end… We’re all in the Big Dance together!

Well, it may be easier to explain by listing some of artists they cover. For any given show there is no telling what surprise is next. Logarhythm can fit any party with its eclectic compilation of covered songs and its ever-diversifying sound.

The Allman Brothers Band
The Big Wu
Bob Marley
The Beastie Boys
The Black Crowes
Dire Straits
Frank Zappa
Joe Cocker
Herbie Hancock
Janes Addiction
Living Colour
Pink Floyd
Steely Dan
Traditional Music
...& something new every time.

Members of Logarhythm have shared bills with such acts as: Keller Williams, Willie Porter, Dark Star Orchestra, Melvin Seals and JGB, Wookie Foot, Acoustic Hookah, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Natty Nation, Jazz Mandolin Project etc…

Logarhythm would like to give a special thanks to our Fans, Families, and all of those we have jammed with through the years. They have played a major roll in making us who we are today!