Torche TORCHE is a band made up of Rick Smith (drums), Steve Brooks (vocals/guitar), Jon Nuñez (bass), and Juan Montoya (lead guitar).

When Steve and Juan's band FLOOR split up in June of 2004, the two of them decided they wanted to use their newly written songs with a new project and continue writing.

A label by the name of Robotic Empire had been in touch with Steve about doing FLOOR's next full length record. Andy Low, founder of Robotic Empire (and huge FLOOR fan) was informed about FLOOR's disbanding. After talking to Steve about the situation of his new project, Andy offered to hook him up with a friend of his who could possibly join the line up. This drummer happened to be me, Rick Smith.

We began getting together and writing songs as well as perfecting older songs that Steve and Juan had already written. I suggested that the band try out my long-time friend Jon Nuñez on bass. After the first practice with Jon, everybody knew that this was the winning line up that would work.

TORCHE was born!

We now have a full length out on Robotic Empire records and are gearing up for our first tour with the Daughters and Doomriders!