Kelley Stoltz

  • Circular Sounds
    Circular Sounds
  • Circular Sounds
    Circular Sounds
  • Your Reverie / Owl Service - Single
    Your Reverie / Owl Service - Single
  • Below the Branches
    Below the Branches
  • The Sun Comes Through - EP
    The Sun Comes Through - EP
  • The Sun Comes Through
    The Sun Comes Through
    Stoltz put out a couple of records: 1999's "The Past Was Faster", 2003's "Antique Glow", and his own version of Echo And The Bunnymen's "Crocodiles" entitled "Crock-O-Dials". This is a song from the forthcoming album, plus four exclusive, unreleased songs. " has an ebb and flow that filters Syd Barrett, Skip Spence, Beatles, Beefheart, folk, primitive electronics and more into a beguiling, tripped-out whole" - Mojo Rising. This is a teaser EP for his Sub Pop debut, to be released in January 2006.
    Track Listing: 1. Sun Comes Through 2. You're Out of This World 3. Away with the Swans 4. Let's Go Out Tonight 5. Where You're Going
  • Crockodials [IMPORT]
    Crockodials [IMPORT]
    Track Listing: 1. Going Up 2. Do It Clean 3. Stars Are Stars 4. Pride 5. Monekys 6. Crocodiles 7. Rescue 8. Villiers Terrace 9. Read It In Books 10. Pictures On My Wall 11. All That Jazz 12. Happy Death Men
  • Antique Glow
    Antique Glow
    Track Listing: 1. Perptual Night 2. Crystal Ball 3. Jewel Of The Evening 4. Underwater's Where Thew Action Is 5. One Thousand Rainy Days 6. Tubes In The Moonlight 7. 26th Street Floor 8. Are You Electric 9. Please Visit Soon 10. Listen Darkly 11. Fake Day 12. Mean Marianne 13. Mt. Fuji
  • The Past Was Faster
    The Past Was Faster
    Track Listing: 1. X-Ray Eyes 2. Popular Diseases 3. The Fog Has Lifted! 4. Emerald Stew 5. Permafrost 6. Cardinal Body 7. Sculptures Floating On The Waves 8. The Captain 9. Vapor Trail 10. Peppermint 11. Lonely Star State