Playground If you spent any time out in the San Francisco club or warehouse party scene in the 21st Century, then you are likely to have experienced the live sounds of SF’s own 100% improvised Electronica ensemble, Playground. Playground has performed at nearly every club in SF and at countless amazing festivals and functions here, there, and beyond.

What began in the winter of ‘97-’98 as a live hip-hop/reggae rhythm section underscoring songs, rhymes, and poetry about universal love, quickly evolved to become a showcase for dynamic live performances representing all forms of music familiar to underground DJ/dance culture.

The Playground ensemble’s list of collaborators also grew quite rapidly, and to-date includes close to 100 Bay Area, nationally, and internationally acclaimed artists, musicians, poets, emcees, singers, and deejays.

While the Playground unit continues to feature guest performers, since 2000, the group has focused on refining the interplay between its core members in order to better explore and further expand the possibilities of groove based music. Playground successfully plays live what most listeners have previously only heard coming from records on a DJ’s turntables.

The Playground sound of today is best described as "a live improvised fusion of Breakbeat, Brokenbeat, Dancehall Reggae, Deep House, Nu-Jazz, 2-Step Garage, Afro-Beat, and Downtempo (Hip-Hop, Ambient, and especially Reggae Dub)." These performances are affectionately referred to as "Live Dhub Experimence."

Currently, Playground is promoting their brand new album, Playground People, a full length studio release engineered for extensive club and radio play featuring renowned guest musicians, emcees, and vocalists on every track.

Playground embarked on a year long, sturdio journey to capture the energy of their live improvisational performances and the resulting Playground People album takes their sound to new levels of complexity and mass appeal. The Playground People Album touches contemporary styles while anticipating future directions of world dance floor and pop musical currents. With the release of Playground People, Playground transmutes their underground sound status into a new genre hence forth known as "The Playground Sound."