Fast Food Junkies
Fast Food Junkies Fast Food Junkies, hailing from McPherson, Kansas, have been strumming out addictive tunes since the fall of 2004. So far this trio has put out 2 independent records and conjured up a large regional following making their music a mainstay in the Midwest.

The Junkies, as they are affectionately called, consist of Landon Unruh the speedy banjo picker and vocalist, Dave Crawford on upright bass and supplying charming background vocals, and Clint Snyder providing harmonious vocals and masterful strumming on the guitar. Having come from rock backgrounds these three have carved out a fast paced progressive bluegrass that demands the respect of traditional bluegrass lovers and turning the heads of rockers.

Nonetheless, the live performance of this band is what makes the Fast Food Junkies an act to catch. As put by Bradley E. Robinson of “Splurge!” magazine, “I was totally blown away. No one around these parts can touch them when playing live.” It truly is the live shows that bring people back time and again, sure to have a good time. No matter what their favorite type of music may be it is a sure bet that one of their favorite groups will soon be Fast Food Junkies.

The Junkies are not ones to be put into a mold and compared to other bluegrass groups; they can only be called great musicians. None of these three are professionally trained nor do they read music, they are self taught. The Fast Food junkies have made a name for themselves through hard work and creating music that they love, thus giving the fans recorded music and “live” shows that never disappoint. Fast Food junkies are here to stay.

Band: Landon Unruh - banjo, vocals
Clinton Snyder - guitar, vocals
Dave Crawford - upright bass, backing vocals