Something To Do
Something To Do Something To Do is the sweat soaked t-shirt you peel from your skin the second you get home; Something To Do is the cramp in your leg when you wake up in the morning; Something To Do is the ringing in your ears that lingers for days. Something To Do is ultra-catchy, high-energy, horn-driven, ska-influenced rock that fans enjoy without any concern for how they'll feel the next day. S2D's contest winning, duct-tape inspired song "When I'm Stuck I Turn To Duck Tape" brought the group to national attention with mentions on CNN headline news, NPR and in over 150 other media outlets. With nominations for “Group of the Year” and “Best Ska Band” in their home state of WI, S2D is definitely being noticed by fans and music industry people the like. They’ve rocked everything from the world’s largest music festival, Summerfest, to the Skappleton music festival, Ska is Dead tour, and played almost 200 other dates in the Midwest, Canada and the East Coast over the last 3 years. Selling the entire first pressings of two different CD’s, S2D placed high on CMJ top 30 charts. California’s OC Ska productions DVD compilation titled “Camp Ska” features the S2D video debut of “Wannabe” alongside videos by several national acts. Songs from the band appear on several compilations nationally and in a few local films. 'Play every show like it’s your first and last', 'play until it hurts' and 'never stop moving' are the band's stage rules.