Appalachian Still
Appalachian Still Appalachian Still is an acoustic string band out of Northampton, Massachusetts playing a toe-tapping mix of Alternative Old-time, Americana, Folk, and Bluegrass subtly enhanced with flavors of Jazz, Rock, and Country, altogether dubbed “New-time Folkgrass”. These New England boys have managed to create a unique sound that is distinctly their own yet remains rooted in the heart of Appalachia. Drawing from a repertoire of traditional tunes, original material, and some covers, the feeling they create ranges widely from that of sitting on the front porch in the lazy days of summer, pickin’, grinnin’, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life to an all out shake-the-rafters barn party inspiring dancing fools to hoot and holler to the wee hours of the morning.

The group was originally conceived in 2002 after brothers Andrew and Len were blown away by the then unknown opening act “Old Crow Medicine Show” playing high-energy Old-time music at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA. With stars in their eyes, the brothers knew they wanted to take their musical passions to the stage in similar fashion and perform for live audiences. For a few years the brothers traveled separate but parallel paths with Len focusing on bluegrass mandolin down in Tennessee while Andrew plucked Old-time fiddle tunes on the clawhammer banjo back in Massachusetts. Upon Len’s return from Tennessee the two began playing together on a weekly basis at a friend’s house where they met guitarist Jared Libby and his Grateful Dead inspired folk guitar. With a unique blend of harmonies and musical styles, the three knew they had something special and the band was born.

Since forming in the Spring of 2005, Appalachian Still has already seen remarkable success typically associated with more mature bands, due in large part to their undying love of the music and ability to connect with their audience. After busking on the streets of Northampton and honing their chops together in local coffee shops and bars, the band has picked up additional musicians along the way and graduated to the regional circuit, playing venues and festivals throughout the Greater New England area and beyond. Their songs have been featured on radio stations from Vermont to Georgia.