Souleye  Souleye, a Colorado based MC, believes that music is a true healing art. Souleye chooses to perform all his shows freestyle, completely improvisational, because he believes that it allows the audience to be present and involved in the creation and collective energy of the music. Each performance is genuine and can never be replicated much like life.

Not afraid to break the paradigm Souleye has been bridging gaps and crossing paths between multiple musical genres from Hip hop, Drum and Bass, Electronic, Blue Grass and Funk.

His ability to freestyle gives him the opportunity to sit in with any band or Dj bringing the vibe of sincere energy and love to each performance. Souleye is constantly touring and is currently collaborating with artists such as Zilla, Bassnectar, Michael Franti, The String Cheese Incident, The Glitch Mob, On The One, Pangea, Everyone Orchestra and a wide variety of other Bands and Dj's. Whether hearing one of his albums, or witnessing his energetic freestyle, the Souleye experience is definitely a journey of both sound and spirit.