Sol Spectre
Sol Spectre *THE STORY*

SOL SPECTRE was initially formed in late 2005 by guitarist Aaron Bjerke. After a few failed attempts to find a suitable drummer, Jay Augspurger came along and laid down his stellar, blazing style blending funk, fusion, latin, breakbeat and his unique approach to improvisation. Shortly thereafter, low-frequency lover Andy Schuster came to give his pennies with his electric upright and electric bass tag-team combo, and the sounds clicked instantly. It took until May 2006, but the Shoe/Purg rhythm section was finally locked and loaded. SS gigged as a trio from October 2006 to January 2007. But, in late December 2006, ivory wizard Kevin Gastonguay came back home to Minneapolis from Las Vegas and agreed to play a few shows with the band. Merely 5 days after the first rehearsal the four them won a band battle to earn a spot at the renowned Wakarusa Music Festival, establishing the enormous potential of the new quartet, and the rest is history.

Since the formation of the current line-up, Sol Spectre and the sound has been carried to places none of them could have imagined. From the recording of their first album CORIOLIS EFFECT to the present, the music has been in a constant stage of transformation and progression. While it started out being half-lyrical and half-instrumental, the sound is now mostly instrumental. In fact, some of the old lyrical classics have been laid to rest because they don't suit the current sound. What started as more of a classic "jam band" has completely morphed into a lively blend of Jazz, Progressive Rock, Fusion, Latin, Funk, Drum 'n Bass, and Experimetal Improvisation, practically leaving the original sound behind. With the idea of keeping each individual show unique and fresh, the music is intended first and foremost to be a listening pleasure, though dancing is encouraged if one is inspired to do so as many of the tunes have a deep groove. However, if you're expecting a show to sound or feel a certain way, you've already missed the point as the band's goal is to keep you guessing and wondering what will happen next.

In the time Sol Spectre has been a quartet, they've earned some prestigious recognition and opportunities. Having played national festivals such as 10,000 Lakes Music Festival and Wakarusa Music Festival as well as regional festivals like Harvest Fest, Bella Sol, Log Jam, Project Earth, Fat Fest, Freedom Fest, New Earth Festival, Solstice Shakedown, Hemp Throw Down, Lounging in the Arts, Ramblin' at the Ranch, and Minneapalooza, their name is quickly spreading to music afficianados all over the Midwest and country. They've shared venues with the likes of Buckethead, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Widespread Panic, Yonder Mountain String Band, North Mississippi All-Stars, That 1 Guy, RAQ, Cornmeal, Garaj Mahal, Particle, Pnuma Trio, the Breakfast, Lotus, Zilla, EOTO, and Wookie Foot, just to name a few. Every rehearsal and show has brought the band into new, uncharted sonic territory, and they've been having a lot of fun exploring these crazy environments. They hope to take you along for the ride.


The band themselves explore the deepest facets of the conscious and sub-conscious (with music providing the transportation) and attempt to take the audience with. Due to the improvisational nature of the band, a sense of wonder is created regarding what will happen within each song, as well as each show. Set lists change every night, guests materialize from time to time, you just never know. Whatever may happen, their mission remains simple ... TRANSCENDENCE.


We love art (paintings, etc) and love having artists create live works at our shows. If YOU are an artist and want to paint on stage with us, drop us a message with a link to your work and we'll talk!!