Gravitron It was a late-winter evening in the Highlands of Denver, Colorado. As the snow fell lazily onto the streets, the members of Gravity were delving deep into some high-tech improvisation. As the jam dissipated into a wall of delays, samples, and synthesizers, a strange light appeared in the sky. So bright, people were drawn out of their neighborhood homes to look. A few pedestrians were overheard describing what they saw as a pulsing purple sphere that seemed to warp time and energy with its mere presence. Suddenly, the light descended directly above the band's practice space. Area residents watched in confusion and horror as the musicians, along with their gear, were lifted up through the light and into the sphere which disappeared into the frigid night sky.

No one saw or heard from them for months. Friends, neighbors, and music fans alike had almost lost hope of ever seeing Gravity again. Then, one day, whispers were heard. The whispers then turned into murmurs. Rumors spread that the sphere had indeed returned and the members of the band were brought back. However, something was different now. It was said that while traveling through the inner space plains, secrets in sound, motion, and magnification were shared. A divine moment of truth had taken place. Gravity was transformed into Gravitron.