David Kimbrough
David Kimbrough While Junior Kimbrough was living, David and his brothers Robert and Kinney operated the juke joint, "Junior's Place," in Chulahoma, Mississippi with their father. David has performed on many of his father's albums, as well as recordings by other artists. As a solo artist, David has released three albums with Fat Possum Records and his newest record, Shell-Shocked with Lucky 13 Records.

Today David is emerging as the leading candidate to carry on his fathers' musical legacy. His unique style fuses a more soulful element and vocal style with Junior Kimbrough's trademark North Mississippi guitar grooves - repetitive and trance inducing and not too far removed from the rhythms the earliest African Americans brought from Africa and passed from generation to generation, the primary source of joy in the cruel lives they endured.

Unlike his legendary father, David's music draws from a deep well of influences that includes the contemporary R&B that was accessible via the media from which Junior was isolated in rural Mississippi.

Band members are David Kimbrough Jr. - lead guitar & vocals, Kinney Malone Kimbrough - drums, Stacy Nicole Mackey - bass guitar, Jay Thomas - 2nd guitar.