Lovehammers Lovehammers have stepped up to put the spark back in modern rock and they have brought their welder torches with them. It's about time a band has turned up with full guns drawn, ready to delve out some serious rock and roll without skimping on the sex and debauchery that grunge so foolishly discarded.

Known by their hard work and dedication to their fans, Lovehammers have been described as "The most Un-Pretentious Fuck-You Rock-N-Roll Band," and are a breath of fresh air in this often-stale industry. After seeing them perform, Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue said "This is a band to watch for."

Their indie release, Murder on My Mind, encapsulated the Lovehammers' arrival as an act that sweeps aside the mope for pure sweat and energy. Murder collects the best elements of grunge and hard rock with a twist of punk that stems from the pure adrenaline the band possesses.

Lovehammers, longtime favorites on Chicago rock scene, recently amassed a few million new fans thanks to lead singer Marty Casey's remarkable run on the hit television show Rock Star: INXS. Over the course of the series, Casey's electrifying performances made him a fan favorite, and his hook-happy single, "Trees," was a No. 1 download on

Singer Marty Casey, who has best been described as a cross between David Bowie and Iggy Pop, is known for his intense, edgy stage persona and captivating lyrics. While the Kourelis brothers man the rhythm section with a sex appeal that is reminiscent to the early days of rock-n-roll, guitarist Billy Sawichik effortlessly rips through riffs and chords to complete this power quartet.

Lovehammers tracks range from melodic lyrical ballads such "Clouds" and "Rain on the Brain" to the hard rock "Straight as an Arrow". Ryan Manno, from Q101 in Chicago described Lovehammers music as an "uncategorized strain of rock [that] has gained an energetic grassroots following, unlike any I can recall. Among today's transitory and flavorless bands, The Lovehammers stand out with a matchless passion for all of the right things. On disc and on stage, they fully remind us that it's all about the rock n' roll."