Soak Soak's 3 members have a varied background of influences that includes a very wide array from The Grateful Dead and Phish to Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes to Primus, Korn and Metallica. Add in a love of jazz, funk and blues amongst all members and you get a very unique blend of music that is rock in nature, jam band inspired at times, and caries a healthy dose of jazz and funk inspired grooves woven into the fabric of the music. Whether they are in an intimate local club setting or performing in a festival such as the 2006 Sterling Stage Festival with 30 other bands including Dickey Betts and Great Southern, Soak displays a stage comfort allowing them to explore their jams and a magnetism that draws the viewers into their tight riffs and grooves. The chemistry that exists among the 3 members of Soak is tangible and provides tight, moveable rhythms, soaring solos and melodies and lyrics that paint a vivid picture for the listener.