Catfish Alliance
Catfish Alliance Catfish Alliance formed in Tallahassee, FL in the Summer of '05, playing high energy rock and roll occasionally infused with Beastie Boys inspired hip hop. Catfish Alliance is comprised of Dillon Bradley Brown on drums, Casey on guitar, Jeff Davis on bass, Big E bringing hype and Scott Campbell on lead guitar. The vocals are primarily held down by Casey with a lot of help from Dillon. The delivery is definitely not R and B smooth but heartfelt for sure. Big E is the band's Flavor Flav inspired hype man delivering narratives, back up vox, and is most well known for his endless array of sweet dance moves. Dillon and Casey are from two of Tallahassee's most musical families and have known each other since they were toddlers crawling around local bars while Casey's father and Dillon's uncle rocked stages. Jeff on the other hand, is local dance royalty, his mother founded Tallahassee's most prominent dance studio and it is there that Jeff and Big E first crossed paths. Big E may be Sharon Davis School of Dance's most celebrated alumni. He studied modern dance at the Julliard Academy in New York where he completed his doctorate degree in 2000. After a triumphant run as a choreographer with Cirque du Soleil, Big E returned home to Tallahassee with the intention of merging his love of dance with his love of live music and performance. Big E and Jeff rekindled their friendship and teamed with Casey and Dillon to form the Catfish Alliance. Catfish Alliance did provide the forum for dance which Big E imagined when he formed the group and realized his vision of a live musical act which encapsulated all of the elements needed to inspire his dance to new heights. The ensemble played to adoring crowds throughout Florida for several years, yet some crucial element was still missing. In early 2009, local legend Scott Campbell joined the group on lead guitar. His presence brought a more psychedelic element to the group along with killer slidework. This addition elevated Catfish Alliance musically and inspired even more provocative forms of interpretive dance from Big E. The group released a self produced EP in late 2009 available for free download at