Ronkat Spearman's Katdelic
Ronkat Spearman's Katdelic RonKat Spearman is George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic's Guitarist and vocalist. RonKat steps on to his own stage with his extraordinary band KATDELIC.

He has amazing vocals, playis multiple instruments and writes original songs all this provides an exciting set that always Makes 'Em Dance.

As an active member of George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic since 2000, RonKat has toured the world with the band, first as a vocalist, then as a bassist and now he's part of the P Funk Guitar Army. He has added his own flavor to P Funk with style and talent that has been nurtured and growing since he began his career at the age of seven when his Dad took him out to play percussion in the clubs in Detroit.

* "RonKat is truely funky" George Clinton
* "RonKat kick's ass" Garry Shider
* "What makes him powerful on that guitar is the energy. I know a lot of guitarists, and they play the same notes. There are tons of brilliant string people. But that guy plays the guitar and you can't take your eyes off him. And he never outsmarts the music". blog by Billy Bunker

RonKat Spearman is a grammy nominated, BMI songwriter of the year award winner with multiple platinum records. His vast catalog is as eclectic as it is impressive.

RonKat's musical genius is evident when KATDELIC takes the stage. He has merged talent with San Francisco's finest musicians to create a sound that is unique and exciting with grooves that are addicting. David Boyce on sax, Kevin Carnes on drums and Kirk Peterson on bass are San Franciso's beloved Broun Fellini's, P Funk Mixmaster DJ K-os on turntables, Dustin Hengl from Willie Nelson on Trumpet and Michael Cavaseno from Storm, Inc and Orixa on guitar. RonKat's music is a combination of funk and rock, it experiments with hip hop, and touches of gospel and jazz. RonKat's Unique Style mixed with his solid grooves makes it KATDELIC.