The Gabe Dixon Band
The Gabe Dixon Band

In the three years since the acclaimed release of On A Rolling Ball, Gabe Dixon has kept busy spending time behind the keyboards for artists as varied as Paul McCartney, Alison Krauss, and seminal 70's country-rock duo Loggins & Messina; co-writing with ex-Semisonic front man Dan Wilson and Eric Clapton collaborator Wayne Kirkpatrick; paring down the band to a muscular three piece; and refining a sound that embraces the directness of pop, the energy of rock and the sex of soul while staying true to a jazz-inspired improvisational spirit.

Formed while students at the University of Miami, word of The Gabe Dixon Band's live shows had spread up to New York City, where they had relocated after graduation, when the band were signed by famed producer David Kahne (Fishbone, Sublime, The Strokes). It was through Kahne that Paul McCartney first heard Dixon, and shortly thereafter Dixon was helming the keyboards on McCartney’s Driving Rain album and in front of millions at the “Concert For New York” to raise funds for the victims of the 9/11 attack.

With the new release of the Live At World Cafe EP, the band distills its essence and its sound by bringing the line-up down to its current trio of piano (Gabe), drums (Jano Rix) and bass (Winston Harrison): “Originally we had five members including guitar and sax, and as we got closer to the core of the group, it seemed like more space opened up in the sound. Going from five to four allowed a lot of room to stretch out and improvise while still performing songs, but we still didn’t feel like we had peeled back all the layers to get to the core. we needed to get to the center of the music – to the song and the groove.”

It is ultimately that “center” that is represented on their new EP Live At World Cafe. In the great tradition of bands like The Police and Cream, The Gabe Dixon Band forges ahead as a trio with a sound that is greater than the sum of its parts. The Live At World Cafe EP captures the energy and intimacy at the center of the band on-stage and in-studio, and features live versions of four new Dixon originals, a fan favorite from their debut album (“More Than It Would Seem”), and a slow-burning, show-stopping rendition of the Hendrix classic “Hey Joe.”

Billboard magazine praised The Gabe Dixon Band as offering “Real Music By Real People” - come see them live and find out why...