Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank
Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank Brothers Ian and Teague Alexy wrote their first songs as pre-adolescents growing up in the Atlantic City area of South Jersey. Teague's self empowering anthem Special Ability and Ian's matter of fact encounter with a convenience store clerk, 85 cents, have in many ways foreshadowed their complementary writing styles.

Both brothers are up and coming singer/songwriter's and have sold over 2,500 records between them. Although they enjoy the individual expression of being solo artists and band leaders, something keeps bringing them together to perform and record as a duo.

"This past winter we got together to record our first official collaboration." The record in question was recorded in Teague's rural Minnesota home on a modest digital 16 track recorder. "We wanted to make something as rootsy as possible, while still maintaining an element of experimentation." Although Ian and Teague have played lots of different styles of music, they decided to keep this project focused on more traditional influences like Dylan and The Band. "Since it is a home recording, we were limited in what we could do anyway. We just decided to embrace those limitations and make something really stripped down."

This stripped down philosophy has been the approach to performing as well. The Alexy brothers usually perform as a duo. "It's interesting to see how much sound two people can create. This band has a surprisingly wide dynamic range, from quiet ballads to back porch hollers. "The CD juxtaposes gentle acoustic songs alongside grittier stomps with dirty electric guitars and distorted blues harmonica."

"The name Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank is kind of a joke between us and our uncle. When we were growing up Frank would stay on our couch at various times while he was in between houses and jobs. As young adults, Teague and I returned the favor, each of us separately living in our uncle's basement for varying lengths of time."

At present the Nephews are out of the basement and on the road, belting out songs from the record and an ever expanding catalog of music.