Second Self
Second Self Blending classic, alternative, and psychedelic rock styles with funk, reggae, blues, and jazz influences, Second Self carefully balances crafted songwriting with intricate rhythms and live improvisation. The result is music ranging from ethereal ambience to high intensity rock.

In 2003, while attending high school in Fallston, Maryland, founding members Jimmy Hunter (lead guitar), Jeff Hunter (drums), and Nick Stampone (bass), began writing instrumental compositions. From 2004 through 2010 the three collaborated with many great musicians, experimenting with various musical styles.

Second Self has performed over 150 live shows in such venues as The 8x10 Club in Baltimore, The 9:30 Club in Washington DC, and The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. Known for extended live sets, special musical guests, and cover songs ranging from The Grateful Dead to Radiohead, the band’s perpetually developing live sound offers fans a unique and fresh experience every time they play.

In 2010, Second Self released their self-titled debut album with Dave Thomas on vocals and rhythm guitar. Recorded at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore by engineer and producer Mike McAree, the band was able to release their first studio tracks since forming. The album is available in print as well as digitally on iTunes and other digital music providers.

In late 2010 Erik Dittmar was offically added to the band as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

Erik Dittmar - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy Hunter - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Nick Stampone - Bass
Jeff Hunter - Drums