Circus Mind
Circus Mind Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, come one come all to the big top to feast your ears upon the stylings of a collective of musicians the likes of which the world has never seen before and may never see again. Bred in the swamps of New York City, Fed on the pulse of a drumbeat mixed with a spicy gumbo. It hasn’t been easy for a funk rock band that has roots in the classic rock sounds of the 1970’s mixed with funky southern flavors and british pop. But this monster persevered and grows by night!

With their 2nd release recently launched and their 7th year as a band, Circus Mind has clearly narrowed there focus to funky retro rock grooves. slimming the band to a 4 piece and saving their horns for special occasions, the band has honed their musicality in their sound and the songwriting to create an explosive project. The new release entitled “Silver Flower” puts a modern take on mid-late 70’s influences such as Traffic, Steely Dan, Little Feat, Mott the Hoople plus N’awlin Vibes such as Dr.John, The Meters and The Neville Brothers.

Unlike there first CD which welcomed many special guests such as members of the Neville Brothers, Meters, Soulive, and Deep Banana Blackout to name a few CM keeps this project in house for what becomes a much clearer picture of “Who is Circus Mind?”

The Circus “performers” came together through a series of meetings somehow involving a Pet Shop, a yoga class, a “mushroom tea and jam” party and the Ringling Brothers Circus. Consequently, David Berg (Guitar, Vocals) George Hooks, (Drums) Chris Crosby (Bass), Dave Diamond (Everything) joined Mark to form a cohesive unit that had the chops to play any style of music. “Each musician led us to the next, which really solidified the group.”

Circus Mind’s members are diverse in their influences as well as their playing:

-Drummer George “Drum Man” Hooks was a long time Ringling Brothers band member on tour for 11 years. Playing progrock, jazz, or eastern european speed metal horahs is standard issue for this Zildjian & Remo sponsored Drum master.

-Bassist Chris Crosby has a serious case of spider fingers and can solo as good as any guitarist and has studied under Oteil Burbridge of Allman Brothers fame. A young funkster from a family of highly respected musicians.

- Guitarist David Berg is rooted in Jazz, Reggae, and Bluegrass. and has toured with Dark Star Orchestra’s as “the bobby guy”. Dave’s fluid rock style keeps the band in a constant snake like flow.

- Lead vocalist, Keyboardist and Songwriter Mark Rechler has been the band’s creator and leader. Spending 5 years in New Orleans studying Music & Architecture helped influence his style and direction, while always focusing on the hook to keep his listeners salivating and wanting more.

- Anything & Everything sometimes 5th member Dave Diamond helps round out the band. Covering any base when needed and filling any nook and cranny when requested. Dave plays with Pozzy Ghuru, Jason Crosby, Blow Up Hollywood, The Zen Trixters and many many more. He is an amazing singer as well.

Circus mind is gearing up to take their modern day medicine show of midnight ravers on the festival circuit and exhibit their uplifting sound for the masses. Stay tuned…….