Eric Alexander

  • Inversions
  • Quintessence
  • Revival of the Fittest
    Revival of the Fittest
  • Blowing the Blues Away
    Blowing the Blues Away
  • Alexander the Great
    Alexander the Great
  • Doozy
  • Sketchbook (feat. Eric Alexander)
    Sketchbook (feat. Eric Alexander)
  • Excursions
  • Crossfire
  • Two of a Kind
    Two of a Kind
  • Wide Horizons
    Wide Horizons
  • Aztec Blues
    Aztec Blues
  • Stick to the Kick
    Stick to the Kick
  • Tell It Like It Is
    Tell It Like It Is
  • The Jaunt
    The Jaunt
  • Dig Deep
    Dig Deep
  • Beautiful Friendship
    Beautiful Friendship
  • Introducing Jim Rotondi
    Introducing Jim Rotondi
  • Brain Dance
    Brain Dance
  • Why Not
    Why Not
  • In the Moment
    In the Moment
  • Blues Quarters Vol.2
    Blues Quarters Vol.2
  • Jims Bob
    Jims Bob
  • Bright Moments
    Bright Moments
  • Wailin
  • The Dream
    The Dream
  • New York-philly Junction
    New York-philly Junction
  • One for All
    One for All
  • Classmasters
  • Philly - New York Junction
    Philly - New York Junction
  • Blues Quarters Vol.1
    Blues Quarters Vol.1
  • Prime Time
    Prime Time
  • Temple of Olympic Zeus
    Temple of Olympic Zeus
  • The Inspiration Suite
    The Inspiration Suite
  • The First Milestone
    The First Milestone
  • Solid!
  • The Lineup
    The Lineup
  • Nightlife In Tokyo
    Nightlife In Tokyo
  • Its All In the Game
    Its All In the Game
  • The Thang
    The Thang
  • Green & Blue
    Green & Blue
  • Dead Center
    Dead Center
  • Manhattan Autumn
    Manhattan Autumn
  • 785 Madison Ave
    785 Madison Ave