Lydia Lydia, when forming in 2003, set their creativity forth to a path of artistic independence away from any comparisons to bands in their genre. By combining traditional rock with dream-like harmonies and reflective choruses, the band gradually adopted a reputation as a group of young musicians destined to break through to the mainstream.

But it’s their veteran level of dedication that allowed them to first become noticed in the summer of 2004.

The band won a nationwide talent search hosted by Atticus Clothing, for a slot on the “Dragging the Lake Volume 3” compilation. The album features artists such as Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, and MXPX. After securing a spot on the compilation, their recognition as Arizona’s leading indie band led to performances with headliners, Coheed and Cambria, Alien Ant Farm, and Sum 41 on the “Zumiez Couch Tour” – showcasing the band’s versatility, while allowing them to reach fans across the country.

Lydia’s debut album, “This December; It’s One More And I’m Free,” is set to be released in September on HourZero Records. The album is a haunting collection of shifting moods and poetry accompanied by music of thoughtful and often times refreshing orchestration. Listeners are always surprised to find that the musicians behind such a mature sound are merely 18 year old kids. But it’s that very misconception that is contributing to Lydia’s sudden surge in popularity, as they tour the country connecting with young crowds who are desperate to find something to get them over the latest fads. When played live, the songs present the audience with an atmosphere of interwoven desire and heartache.

With their youngest member finally out of high school, Lydia is now touring full time, and will be supporting their freshman effort throughout the rest of the year. For more information including a schedule of upcoming concerts, visit: