Katz-n-Jammers Katz-n-Jammers is a band put together by Dave Katz of ekoostik hookah originally to support his solo CD, Autumn Day.

The Katz-n-Jammers lineup includes Dave on keyboards, vocals and occasional guitar, Shane Frye formerly of The Shantee on drums, Dan Mesnard on guitars and Mike Taylor on bass. Fred Gablick saxophone rounds out the sound of the band. A trio of back-up singers (Chris Buerger, Judy Russell and Daniel Katz), give Katz-n-Jammers an incredible vocal and harmonic diversity. Along with the compositions from Autumn Day, expect to hear a selection of classic cover tunes ranging from Jim Croce and Carole King to Peter Tosh to Stephen Stills and many of Katz' hookah tunes reworked for Katz-n-Jammers.