Cabin Dogs
Cabin Dogs

In the summer of 1998, Rich and Rob Kwait traveled from their hometown of Philadelphia to a cabin in Au Sable Forks, NY with two dogs, an 8 track recorder and an old book of murder ballads. A week or so later, the twin brothers emerged with a wealth of original material that would become the foundation of the CABIN DOGS.

Over the next few years, the brothers would make similar cabin trips to the mountains of Tennessee, Virginia and Vermont adding to the repertoire of original music. Some of these tunes would find their way onto two self-released studio albums (under the name Kwait Brothers Band). Others would take shape as the brothers and their six piece band* (including Ira Race on guitar, Stephan DiVincenzo on drums and Jeanine Reed on Vocals/Percussion) hit the road in early 2003. As the music gained more exposure, critics would hail the brothers as “standard-bearers in a direct line of descent from Woody Guthrie to Jerry Garcia” (88.1 KHDS FM St. Louis) and compare the band to “ such legendary groups as the Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds and The Band” (An Honest Tune, Southern Journal of Jam). Fans would come back for more.

Following the band’s performance at the 2004 Newport Folk Festival, Rich and Rob would again disappear into the mountains of upstate New York as they had six years earlier. This time, they would retreat to a cabin outside of Phoenicia, NY-- a hikers town nestled in the hills near Woodstock. Inspired by the surroundings and the musical history of the area, the brothers would tap into a rich creative vein and emerge with enough new material for the first official CABIN DOGS release.

At about the same time that the new material was written, the brothers would meet Aaron 'Professor Louie' Hurwitz -- a Woodstock-based producer/musician -- who had worked for years with The Band, Mercury Rev and Rick Danko. The Professor and the CABIN DOGS would play shows together in NY, Philadelphia and at Newport. With the Professor accompanying the band on piano, organ and accordion, a musical kinship was solidified. “At that point" explains Rich, "we knew we should make a record together.”

Together, the Cabin Dogs and the Professor - in a yellow farmhouse (LRS Studios) at the foot of Hurley Mountain (near Woodstock, NY) - would spend the better part of a year shaping a new sound… described by some as Cosmic American Blues —or simply Cabin music. The result is Electric Cabin -- the premiere release by CABIN DOGS on Woodstock Records (due out in early 2006).


*The CABIN DOGS live band is Rich Kwait (Guitar/Vocals), Rob Kwait (Bass, Vocals, Banjo), Ira Race (Guitar), Stephan DiVincenzo (Drums), Jeanine Reed (Vocals, Percussion) and "Mr. X" (Piano, Organ, Accordion