Frogs Gone Fishin'
Frogs Gone Fishin' At a Frogs Gone Fishin' show, fans are treated to heavy-hitting rock with the Frog's signature improvisational twist. In an age of auto-tuned vocals and laptop superstars, it's great to find a band who relies on harmonies, strong melody, and dynamic rhythms to keep their fans coming back. On any given night, the Frogs cut across genres and material from their two albums and never, ever, play the same set-list twice. This diversity in song choice and explosive improvisational energy has earned the band enthusiastic and devoted fans from places as far apart as Denver and New Orleans, Chicago and Austin, New York and San Francisco.

In 2009, Frogs Gone Fishin' signed with Colorado-based Mountain Size Records and went into the studio to record Actual Natural, produced and engineered by Brad Smalling. Tracking was completed at Evergroove Studio, a solar-powered studio in the mountains near Evergreen, CO. The album was mastered by Grammy Award-winning producer David Glasser and in 2010, "Actual Natural" was released for the world's listening pleasure.

Frogs have been playing festivals and writing new music this summer and are excited to tour during the fall and winter months. Playing over 160 shows every year, the Frogs are coming to a town near you soon. A crowd of FGF fans is as diverse as the set list, where hippies and hipsters, heads and first-timers groove together in one sweaty dance party. Here's what others have said:

"It must be their infallible charm, but these guys seem to be on the rise. The Frogs believe music should never be too serious or painful, it should just be fun."

-Allie Subranni - The Vail Daily

"Trust us on this one, you'll fall in love with them after one show. "

-Erika Boniface, Metromix Denver

"Young, talented, dedicated and driven to make it work, you can look forward to seeing much more from the Frogs in the future."

-Jenna Stecker - Colorado Mousike Magazine

"Relaxed, groove-oriented, quasi-rock jams that cause true believers to twist like overcooked vermicelli"

-Michael Roberts - Denver Westword Magazine