Jupiter One
Jupiter One

Percolating with the nervous energy of the Talking Heads, the stuttering punk-funk of Gang of Four, and the pulsating synths of the Cars, Jupiter One injects colorless indie rock with a bracing rhythmic pulse, two-fisted pop hooks, and East Coast swagger.

Named after the failed starship in the geeky '60s TV cult fave Lost In Space, Jupiter One was formed in 2003 by singer/guitarist K Ishibashi, keyboardists Zac Colwell and Mocha, bassist Ben Wright, and drummer Dave Heilman. The New York-based five-piece produce an electrifying, invigorating sound that recall the pogo-party frenzy of the late '70s-early '80s underground club scene but with a contemporary guitar punch that has drawn comparisons to the Killers, Franz Ferdinand, and Bloc Party.

In the beginning, Jupiter One was simply an instrumental group brought together to make people dance while kung-fu flicks were unreeled behind them. But then Colwell discovered that Ishibashi could actually sing; the band started to write songs and began gigging extensively on the East Coast, gradually building a substantial fanbase. The group's manager, Ryan Ruden, brought their demo to the attention of Cordless Recordings, a Warner Music Group company. Impressed by the group's jumpy, infectious songs and manic live performances, the label signed them up.

Jupiter One's debut single, "Countdown," summarizes the band's ability to transcend genre boundaries. Opening with a hypnotic, scrappy riff, the track builds up to a wall of fuzz until it soars into a dreamy, psychedelic haze, as if Wire had morphed into the Beatles. Although often tagged with a New Wave revival safety pin, Jupiter One bursts through the haze of '80s nostalgia with wit and muscle, wowing audiences with their boundless enthusiasm and irresistible charm.

Jupiter One's self-titled debut album, personally sequenced by Cordless founder and music legend Jac Holzman, is scheduled for release in September 2007. "When the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with the excitement of discovery I pay close attention. And stand they did for Jupiter One's first single, 'Countdown,' an uncommonly fresh and gripping track," Holzman raved. "Then my silent prayer, 'I hope the album is as good.' Every time I listen to Jupiter One's debut album it is with joyous anticipation and delight in knowing that others will soon share that joy."