Sprout Over 11 years ago Sprout™ took root on the jamband scene and they have been growing ever since. Sprout™ is Double A on lead guitar, Dopple on keys, Fitz on bass and Steve-O on drums. Together they are one of the longest playing MI jambands and they have the developed sound to show for it. The group moves solidly as a unit through their sets, which include a generous helping of creative original music, woven together, creating the fabric that has held this band together for so long.

When you go to a Sprout™ show you know you are going to see some of the best improv that the jamband scene has to offer, but you are never sure just what is going to happen. Well, neither is the band. But that is one of the many things that make this unique group so special, spontaneously creating songs, skits, jokes or whatever else the moment calls for. These characteristics, in addition to their large songbook of over 50 originals, make Sprout™ a force to be reckoned with. Sprout™ is currently working on a new album and has another national tour being planned for 2012. With so much going on don't miss your chance to see this budding band!