The Morning After Girls
The Morning After Girls the morning after girls started playing in and around melbourne, australia almost three years ago, and now reside in the city of sydney. their engulfing stage presence and hazy melodies pull you right into the world of the morning after — a moment they characterize by a dreamy grogginess, a dischord of transient yet striking memories and sounds, nostalgia; a yearning to go back to last night…

the morning after girls have written songs that stand as an illustration of a band’s journey to it’s own brand of psyche-pop. when seeing the band live, their audience can feel an influence spawned from the time of Warhol’s Factory. this is a band that really does not fit in anywhere, and for that they receive our warm embrace. it’s elegantly wasted psychedelic pop fuzzy rock with obligatory raucous and anguished vocals that retain a smoldering edge…and that warrants repetitive listens.

the morning after girls is the result of the musical partnership between the two founders; sacha lucashenko and martin b. sleeman. from the onset, the band toured extensively throughout australia, only taking breaks to record their self-produced debut EP. the community started taking notice of this EP, leading to invitations from a variety of prestigious festivals, as well as multiple support slot offers from higher profile acts.

it was in 2004 that the pair decided to relocate to sydney, where they would team up with new co-conspirators anton jakovljevic, scott von ryper and aimee nash, to complete the new and current line-up. while all living under the same roof, in 2005 the morning after girls released their much-anticipated second EP, which features a guest appearance by mark gardener of RIDE. in march of 2005, the morning after girls traveled to the united states for the first time. the group rapidly gained fans stateside with their live performances at SXSW, and in san francisco, portland and new york city. securing their first international record deal with rainbow quartz records, the morning after girls have combined their first two EPs into a long player “prelude eps: 1 & 2” and released it in october to much noise and critical acclaim. on returning to the US in september, they played a bunch of shows on both the east and west coast, with an exhausting nine shows in a week at CMJ in new york city. the tour then took them to canada, the UK and japan, securing a second recording dea with best before recordsl, which will see them release “prelude eps: 1 & 2” in the UK in early 2006.

on returning to australia and to celebrate their success overseas, the morning after girls released “prelude eps 1 & 2” under a different title, “evolve”, combining the two EPs and one new track “shadows evolve”. they continue to tour locally and are slated to return to the US, canada, UK, europe and japan in 2006.