Stand Band Members:

Carl Dowling - Drums/Percussion

Alan Doyle - Voice/Guitar

Neil Eurelle - Voice/Bass

David Walsh - Guitar/Keyboards


Stand features two vocalists, Alan Doyle (guitar) and Neil Eurelle (bass), who's interplay and melodic back and forth shimmer and grind throughout Travel Light. David Walsh (Guitar/Keyboards) wore the producer hat here. In this effort, he let the songs breathe, foregoing the tiresome layering heard nearly everywhere else in alternative rock for a remarkable utilization of space and time. The melodies carry the weight and the songs explode with unexpected force throughout an achingly beautiful sonic landscape. Much of that "explosion" comes from percussionist/drummer Carl Dowling, who also puts pen to paper as the band's lyricist-in-chief.

The recording venues: Buffalo, Woodstock, NYC, and Lexington Kentucky. Work started in a northern blizzard and finished under a southern sun.

A departure from the guitar based work of their 2004 work Transmissions, Stand are feverishly proud of the songs recorded here and as always, are working them out on the road as the van barrels on down the highway. Developing their songs and moving records from the van and their NYC headquarters, these four very different guys, in the most magical way of the best bands to do so before them, merge into one upon taking the stage.

This past February, the band sold out the renowned Bowery Ballroom in New York, NY (620 seats) in advance.


"Imagine the writing of Neil Finn mixed with the wide-open spaces of Pink Floyd" - Irish Examiner

"This is a gimmickless band. Deeply melodic and able to generate feverish excitement both onstage and in the studio." - The Buffalo News

"They're now coming on in lyrical leaps and musical bounds.....While there's much light to be found here, it's thankfully not the frothy kind. Stand may Travel Light, but they mostly fly first class." - Hotpress Ireland

"It is as if this Dublin-based group could do no harm. Perfect in many, many ways..." - Smother Magazine EDITOR'S PICK

"The show you catch in a pub or club will be the same you catch in the arena. Trust me, that's where these Irishmen are headed." - Rochester City News

"A sonically dense record, it is a pitch perfect mélange of tight hooks, engaging studio textures and infectious percussion." - IRISH VOICE

"A determined rock ensemble bringing an energetic live show and an earnest, gritty aesthetic." - New Yorker Magazine

"It was their first time playing here and they sold out two nights weeks in advance. We sensed a phenomenal buzz ....a huge sense of momentum. We can tell when there's a band on the rise and it was clear to us that this band is definitely going somewhere.'' - Bill Bragin-Director Joe's Pub at the Public Theater (now Lincoln Center)

Another uncomplicated Irish band that’s worth of a great deal of attention, Stand’s two latest albums (Travel Light is the newest) are tremendous examples of the fact that one doesn’t need gimmicks if you’ve got it where it counts. They’ve got harmony, they’ve got rhythm and they deliver from pretty much the first note. It’s soulful without being soul, it’s got western flavour without being country and it’s acoustic while doing better than just ambiance. The second album shows a band with more confidence as they mix-up their formula and play around with some electronic beats. Strangely it seems like Stand hasn’t given up anything and are rather just giving better. Two wonderful albums from one band with a lot of talent. Adam A. Donaldson -