Corinne Gooden
Corinne Gooden Corinne Gooden was born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. Early in life she developed a love for folk, blues and classic rock, but has in recent years found her own voice. Often playing in alternate tunings, her songs, while very personal, are extremely relatable and focus on the emotional struggles that we as humans go through in life, such as insecurity, hope, falling in and out of love, and the complex journey of finding out who we are and how we fit into the world.

Corinne's writing style is greatly influenced by the singer-songwriters of earlier generations, such as Joni Mitchell and James Taylor, as well as today's artists, such as Patti Griffin, and Ani DiFranco. Through her melodic songs, her voice passionately stretches beyond the realms of strength and fragility. She is not afraid to bear her heart, showing not just vulnerability, but also her kindness, her desire to live, and most importantly, love.

Corinne lived in New York City for six years, playing in various clubs as a solo artist, as well as singing in a hip hop group, where she opened up for such acts as The Roots, The Black-Eyed Peas, Common Sense, and Ludacris. She currently resides in Nashville, TN, where she performs locally as well as regionally. She also works as an engineer and producer, and has a degree in Audio Engineering from SAE.